Same Sex Weddings

As disk jockeys, we've done all manner of events, but our specialty is same-sex weddings. Why? There are more reasons we can list. First and foremost, the LBGT community has long been under-served. Furthermore, in Spring 2015, our state legislation and governor tried to enact laws that would throw our local protection ordinances out the window, and allow businesses to refuse service. We were deeply saddened and shocked by this move and despite having always been LGBT friendly, felt compelled to make a very public stand. No matter what laws or rulings allow for in an uncertain future, we will always actively support same-sex marriage and perform at same-sex wedding ceremonies. It is just the right thing to do.

New Traditions are born

Many of our clients have been married for years already. Some traveled to other states or even countries to be married. They held-off on actually celebrating to wait for laws and the Supreme Court to get caught up with the rest of us. For those folks, we do have special packages and pricing available. This isn't to entice you into booking us. This is to recognize that you were among the first to pioneer what is to become a new tradition and acknowledge the hurdles you faced. In other words, we want to give people a small break after years of struggling for mere recognition. We want to celebrate with you.

But back to traditions, American weddings are loaded with them and the typical rule is to pick and choose then decide on how they will be implemented. With same-sex weddings, the traditions are being rewritten entirely. We're here to help and do so delicately, with love, sensitivity and respect for you and your spouse or fiancee. Mostly, we are getting into uncharted territory as we build anew the entire thing. What we do now will be the traditions in years to come. That prospect is perhaps the most exciting one as we make a real impact on our culture for generations to come.