Planning Your Event

Our planning style is different from most entertainment companies. Our emphasis is on people and human interaction rather than hiding behind forms. Your event is of utmost importance to us and it is so easy for the most important details to be lost among forms and drop-down menus that serve only to limit your choices to resemble every other event a company has done.

Through meeting with you, our valued client, and communicating with you directly, we are able to truly figure out what is most important to you and recommend a course of action to make this event your event and one that will be remembered for a lifetime.

Some events are planned in one meeting with follow-up emails and phone calls. Others require more time in-person. All require reaching out to other vendors and truly coordinating harmoniously and that's what we do.

Moving at the speed of people

With this sort of hands-on, interactive planning, we are able to build an event that moves smoothly and at the speed of people. What does that mean? We've done decades worth of events oftentimes involving separate event planners. Some are good, but so often is the case, events feel hurried and even stressful. The whole point in offering event planning is to reduce if not remove the stress entirely. How can you enjoy your party if you are constantly being pushed for sake of a checklist of fun things to do during the event?

The expression moving at the speed of people was born during a series of just such events. We have more than a clear idea of how events should flow, factoring in various pauses for people just to enjoy one another's company. We know when to gently nudge things along so the energy from the room is maintained and built, and there's a huge difference between gently nudging and hurrying people. We plan for this from the start. We don't give orders, either. This is your party. We make recommendations and clients who follow those recommendations are always pleased with the results. We plan keeping some flexibility in mind which keeps an event from feeling forced. Let our experience work for you and you focus on enjoying your event.

This is the difference between us and other mobile entertainment companies.