About Crowd Control

Crowd Control Mobile was founded by Djs Mark Nelson and Joel Adams in 2011. Both Djs were very active in the region and the LGBT community and had been for decades. Crowd Control quickly built a reputation for professional, cutting edge events with massive, floor-shaking sound and eye-popping light shows. The business grew to include numerous other djs, with capabilities for doing many events in a single night, all over the region with the same quality heart-pounding excitement in every event. Adams took over the company in 2014, eventually relocating to Indianapolis and reorganizing as a smaller, boutique service that focused on quality, rather than quantity. Crowd Control currently operates with two djs, Adams and Caroline Courtney and no more than one event per day and no more than four per week. That limit allows for careful attention to detail on every event. We bring in no other Djs and you will work with one or both of us from the time we book until your event ends.

Crowd Control does many different types of events and covers most music genres. Indeed, the diversity in music, events and people are as fulfilling as they are challenging. We handle many weddings, corporate events, private parties and conventions in any given season and would love to talk to you about your party. Our specialty is same-sex wedding receptions.