Why is there no song database here?

Music is more than just something to move your feet to. It's a cultural adventure to us. We didn't get into deejaying to play what we like or stick only to the most accessible music. We started deejaying to constantly expand and sate a near unquenchable thirst for music and share it.

While much of our experience is drawn from radio experience in many genres, the best example for mobile work is country, western and line-step.

Founder Joel Adams was not a big fan of country music, although had worked at a couple of country stations. But over the past decade, there has been an increasing demand for line-step, which is very easy to dance to. To further his understanding of this and related genres, he started booking events in Nashville, Tennessee. He learned quickly what works best on a dancefloor, building a solid reputation locally and took so many events in Nashville that he set up a temporary base of operations in Hermitage for one season. Now Crowd Control offers a wide variety of current hits, outlaw classics, pop country to some of the oldest recordings. Pursuing any new genre is a challenge we welcome as an adventure for us.

With that, our music collection grows so quickly that we'd spend more time updating a database than doing what we are best at.

Likewise, if you really don't know what kinds of music you'll want, well, we constantly work to expand our tastes and have developed ears for what works on a dancefloor. We aren't afraid to step outside of our comfort zone, either. Honestly, that's where things become more interesting and fulfilling. We do communicate with our clients from the day we book until the night before an event, even cutting demo sets for your review. You'll also get to hear the difference between using real and proper deejaying techniques to the just-press-play approach many other companies use. We aren't a preplanned setlist. We are tried and true djs who know how to work the room, get people moving and keep them moving until the end of the night.

We do keep a few sets parked on our Mixcloud page. Some are actual demos we've sent to clients.
















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