DJ Biographies

Joel Adams is a near 20-year veteran dj with more than a decade in public and commercial radio. His broadcast background is too diverse to list. His professional background also includes stage-hand work, audio production, voiceover work, event planning, speech and copy writing, master of ceremonies, mobile and club deejaying. His musical knowledge and professional experience include a wide array of genres from highly specialized, underground to popular genres including but not limited to Top 40, country and western and R&B. He acts as music director for Crowd Control, which he founded in Louisville, Kentucky and has since relocated to Indianapolis, near Broadripple Park. He also specializes in same-sex weddings.

Caroline Courtney is a veteran dj with more than 10 years experience in club, convention and mobile work. Her club experience started while she was earning her degree at Indiana University and expanded to nationwide club tours with local residencies at clubs such as The Metro. Her professional experience includes event planning and promotions. Current demand for her services takes her to other states regularly. Her convention events, particularly during GenCon are featured in The Nuvo. She specializes in same-sex weddings.